Real Relax Massage Chair Review


Real Relax massage chair comes with sufficient features. There are so many massage chairs available in the world. This massage chair comes from off brand and it is less expensive massage chair. The middle class people can also afford it. Real Relax massage chair guarantee the most comfortable massage experience. Moreover massage chair comes with a zero gravity feature. With a single press your massage chair will recline with your knees elevated above the heart. The position at this angle is considered as the best massage position. At this position you will be in complete relax and stress free mood from head to toe.

Real Relax massage chair

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Zero Gravity design for relaxation and circulation health

This massage chair includes the latest in back care technique to give the best massage to its user. Real Relax Massage Chair is famous for its unique reclining capability which helps you to fix your knees above your heart smoothly and after that it slowly lead to a relaxation and decompression of the spine. This massage chair has the most advanced robotic system with-in it. Moreover it has the function that allow the chair to slant downward separately from the back rest through which you can take the more comfortable and relaxed position. This massage chair has the functionality of reclining at several angles.

35 air bags covering shoulders, arms, seat, and legs

As the number of airbags increases the comfort level also increases with it. Real Relax massage chair offers 35 airbags which is a good number of massaging airbags. Additionally it allows you to make a choice from a variety of pre-programmed setting.

Roller massage for soles of feet with multiple modes

The Real Relax massage chair comes with a roller massager feature which is positioned under the soles of the feet. Both foot Roller massager and air bag massager works in combination for providing a rolling and compression massage to foot.

Real Relax massage chair feature

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Extendable Ottoman and simple remote

The real relax massage chair comes with a remote functionality. It is very simple for the user to control the massage program according his wish. Moreover this massage chair include extendable ottoman which can be extended up to 6’3’’ tall.

2 preset automatic massage programs

Real Relax massage chair has preset 2 automatic massage programs which will help you to get a relief from neck, shoulder pain and refresh the entire back as well as release the stress.


Real Relax massage chair is a full featured massage chair with a full control of all functions at your finger tip. This massage chair comes with 3 color options such as Black, Burgundy, or Khaki faux leather.

Real Relax massage chair design

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  • 8 massage points inside of the backrest
  • 35 air bags covering shoulders, arms, seat, and legs
  • 360 Degree Seamless embedded airbags on arms and legs
  • Heated seat cushion
  • Seat cushion vibrates and has air bags Works in 15-30 minute intervals and programs can be repeated
  • Chair made from Advanced Foam with shock absorption
  • Flame Retardant, Anti-static material
  • Easy to Use LED Remote Control
  • Convenient remote control pocket to keep it from getting lost


  • Short Massage
  • Reach No Back Rollers
  • Warranty Confusion
  • Coloring issue Khaki color listed is not a true khaki
  • Bulky
  • Virtual Reality Headset

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Real Relax Massage Chair Review
  • Zero Gravity
  • Airbags
  • Intensity Setting
  • Massage Style
  • Design

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