Titan Ti-7800-massage-chair

Description Titan ti-7800 massage chair is the latest massage chair with advanced features and technology embedded in it. This massage chair is considered as the best massage chair as it offer some unique feature which are never seen before in any other massage chair such as head massage,forearms and wrists massage. Moreover the cost of this massage chair is also less as compare to other massage chair. Features ┬áZero Gravity The zero gravity position is considered as the best position to take a massage. The legs are positioned at or above the heart level which result in increasing the supply of blood and also itRead More →


Description Bestmassage EC-06C massage chair is the affordable massage chair with a lot of feature such as zero gravity, neck massage, heating feature and many more which guarantee a deep massage experience. Features Pre-programmed massage Functions The Bestmassage EC-06C massage chair comes with 4 built in massage function such as Recovery, Relax, Extend, Refresh which is very smooth and unproblematic to use. Massage technique Bestmassage EC-06C comes with 6 massage function such as kneading, Compression, Percussion, Chop, Flapping, Rolling. Along with the full body shiatsu massage it also include human like motions to match the experience of massage given by professional therapists. Heating Function BestmassageRead More →


Description OSIM uASTRO 2 massage chair is the latest model massage chair with a simple but attractive design. It include many latest technology feature such as Zero Gravity, Auto Scan system, Lumbar Heat and many more. Features Auto Scan System OSIM uASTRO 2 massage chair comes with auto scan feature which scan the pressure point of the body for more precise massage before the massage program starts. Zero Gravity OSIM uASTRO 2 massage chair comes with a zero gravity feature. With a single press your massage chair will recline at the 143 degree angle. The position at this angle is considered as the best massageRead More →

Infinity IT-8500 massage chair

Description Infinity IT-8500 massage chair is the latest model of Infinite Therapeutics. This massage chair comes with many advanced features such as zero gravity, body scan technology, Spinal correction, lumbar heat etc. This is the affordable massage chair with high quality features. Features Zero Gravity Infinity IT-8500 massage chair inherit the Zero Gravity feature. As zero gravity position is the best massage position proved by NASA. Infinity IT-8500 massage chair comes with 2 setting of zero gravity. The massage taken at zero gravity position result in increase in circulation of blood, deeper breathing and enhanced relaxation. Inversion Therapy Infinity IT-8500 massage chair offers inversion therapyRead More →