JSB MZ.11 Massage Chair Review


Jsb MZ.11 zero gravity massage chair is one of the best massage chair in India. The chair is designed in such a classic way that it looks astounding and fabulous. These Chair is designed out of supreme quality leather that gives an elegant finish. These massage chair is available with 2 color options (coffee-brown and grey black). You can enjoy massage while watching your favorite movies or show. The one of the most important highlight of the jsb mz.11 zero gravity massage chair is that it is a jsb product. As jsb healthcare is one of the leading brands in home health care product with the aim to offer their clients with the products of highest quality standards at absolute low price.


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Adjustable length

The massage chair is adjustable according to the height of the user. It is like a blessing for the short heighted people because many time they have to do a lot of adjustments.

Auto Modes

It the best massage chair as it has four auto modes and options to customize the massage therapy along with a manual modes such as targeting individual zones like foot, arms and back. It gives you a air bags massage from shoulder to feet as it consist of 18 air bags ,4 rollers on the back ,nodal acupressure massage on calves.

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Body Scan Technology

JSB MZ.11 massage chair comes with a special feature of 3D Body Scan Technology which scan the length of the spine and adjust the chair according to user. This massage chair option you to target the specific zones of your back with 3, zero gravitation angles to elevate your legs for releasing the pressure from head to toe.


Massage Technique

This is one of the excellent massage chair with so many functions such as kneading, tapping, kneading plus tapping ,air squeeze and rolling. These massage chair is ideal for the people who want to get a relief from stress, back pain, neck pain, feet pain, lower back pain, muscular pain and overcome from fatigue, tiredness and most importantly to relax from busy scheduled and workload.


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  • 3D Body scan Feature
  • 4 auto modes
  • Adjustable length
  • Excellent massage technique
  • Good quality material


  • Arms massage is missing
  • Head massage is missing
  • Cost is more


JSB MZ.11 Massage Chair Review
  • Zero Gravity
  • Airbags
  • Intensity Setting
  • Massage Style
  • Design

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