There are so many massage chair available in the world. But the Inada Sogno Dreamwave massage chair is one of the best massage chair. The Specialty of the Inada Dreamwave massage chair is that it combines Shiatsu master massage movement with the Japanese engineering ingenuity for a full body massage. This massage chair guarantee the most comfortable massage experience.

inada sogno dreamwave massage chair

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Preset Program

Inada Sogno Dreamwave massage chair offers 8 preset massage program such as Morning, Night, Full body, Full body Air, Stretch, Quick, DreamWave and youth. To select the massage program from the above list you just need to press a button and select it.

Full Body Massage Coverage

Inada Sogno Dreamwave massage chair covers more area which is about 1,200 square inches. It is implemented using 13 motors and over 101 active air massage cells.

Head, shoulder and Neck massage

Inada Sogno Dreamwave massage chair comes with airbags which is used for lifting the neck and shoulders from both sides, for the purpose of Stretching and kneading of the muscles. Moreover airbags is also used for back shoulder massage. Besides this the massage chair has built in adjustable pads forgiving massage on top shoulder as well as along with neck traction, it also massages trapezius and occipital lobe.

Arm Massage

Inada Sogno Dreamwave massage chair comes with 20 air cells which provide full arm massage. Starting from upper arms to fingertips for providing the most effective and deep massage.

Heat therapy

Inada Sogno Dreamwave massage chair comes with an integrated heater which is used to warm the lower back and buttocks for instantly removing the pain and soothing the muscle.

Reclining Feature

Inada Sogno Dreamwave massage chair comes with a phenomenal automatic recline feature. You can recline the seat from 120 to 160 degree. Moreover the footrest can also be reclined up to 90 degree.

Sensor Scan

Inada Sogno Dreamwave massage chair is equipped with a back sensor scan. On the system, profiles are stored and these sensor scan the back length and matches it with stored profile and according to your body type it provides you a massage.


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Manual Massage Setting

Inada Sogno Dreamwave massage chair offers 18 manual massage types from which some famous types are Shiatsu, Human Hands, Kneading, Double Kneading and many more. Besides this it offers over 1000 massage combination.

Foot and Calf Shiatsu

Compression, kneading, Release massage techniques are used for providing calves massage. Additionally it include foot bed with attached airbags for applying shiatsu pressure to both back and sides.


Inada Sogno Dreamwave massage chair comes with 3 levels of roller width such as Narrow, Medium or wide so you can adjust it according to your need. Besides this you can also adjust the speed for tapping and kneading according to your convenience. Moreover the chair comes with a remote control through which you can easily control the setting. As different people have different color choices, No worries as the Inada Sogno Dreamwave massage chair is available in various colors such as black, cream, dark-brown, red and black leather. The Inada Sogno Dreamwave massage chair is expensive, but simply stated you get what you pay for. The variety of option makes this chair the best of all the massage chair in the world.

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inada_sogno_dreamwave design


  • Automatic Recline feature
  • Heat function
  • 8 preset program
  • 18 manual massage style,1000 massage combination
  • Adjustability of speed
  • Foot and Calf massage feature
  • Full body massage coverage
  • Sensor Scan
  • Arm massage
  • Neck, Shoulder, Head massage
  • Easy Remote access and control
  • Good Quality material


  • Cost is more
  • Heavy in weight





Inada Sogno Dreamwave Massage Chair Review
  • Zero Gravity
  • Airbags
  • Intensity Setting
  • Massage Style
  • Design

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