iJoy Massage Chair Review | iJoy 2580 & iJoy 2310 Massage Chair Comparision

iJoy massage chair is a perfect combo offer of features and price. iJoy is a classic massage chair. iJoy massage chair provide you a complete healing ,satisfying massage relaxing your body. If you use this massage chair properly and carefully it can last for many years. The iJoy is famous and well known for its durability .iJoy massage chair enrich the supply of blood as well as it help to bring relief to the body pain. iJoy 2580 and iJoy 2310 are well known massage chair of iJoy brand.

iJoy 2580

Human Touch is famous for its quality and innovative product. This human touch technology is inherited by the iJoy 2580. This technology is specially designed to replicate the feel of massage by hand. The techniques which iJoy 2580 include are rolling, kneading, percussion, compression.

iJoy 2580 Massage chair design

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Auto Massage Program

  iJoy massage chair has 3 Invigorating massage program which will help you to get a  relief from neck, shoulder pain and refresh the entire back as well as release the stress.

Recliner Feature

The iJoy massage chair has a reclining feature you are allowed to move the angle of the chair at back up to 165 degree. Moreover you can also adjust the angle according your wish.


iJoy massage chair has 3 preset program which is mainly used to focus on upper, lower, entire back. You just need to simply press a button to enjoy automatic program and each last 15 minutes . These massage chair also include 2 motor with a quad roller. iJoy massage chair include built in control panel and built in power outlet so now you can easily control the massage with your finger tip and also you can recharge your phone while getting a massage. The best feature of iJoy massage chair is that it allow the user to adjust the intensity according to the requirement. The iJoy massage chair comes with a soft removable pad. You can adjust this pad to get the lighter massage simply remove it. A cup holder is also integrated in it for easy access to a drink.

iJoy 2580 massage chair features

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  • Cost is less
  • It include power recliner
  • Small size
  • Integrated cup holder


  • Less massage technique
  • Less features
  • No foot massage
  • No calf massage


 iJoy 2310

The iJoy 2310 is also a human touch model which is very simple and lost cost model. The iJoy 2310 massage chair inherit the features and massage technique of iJoy 2580 but the iJoy is available in small size and at low cost.

2310 massage chair design

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Massage Intensity Control

iJoy 2310 massage chair allow you to adjust or divert the focus of the massage by moving it up and down the body using remote control. This feature is considered as the amazing feature of iJoy 2310 ,as it actually help you to divert the pressure according to your need.

 Massage Technique and Softening Pad

The iJoy 2310 massage chair comes with 4 massage technique such as rolling, kneading, compression, percussion which all in 4 helps you to get rid of back pain, relives tension, improve blood circulation, strengthens the muscles and joint etc. The iJoy 2310 massage chair also comes with softening pad which a create a soft barrier between the body and massage roller. And if you don’t want a soft touch you can Simply remove it as it a removable pad.

Automatic Massage Program

The iJoy 2310 massage chair comes with 3 preset program. The first program is sore muscle relief which revitalizes the body. The second program is stress therapy program which refreshes the senses and promote deep relaxation. The third program is back wellness which offer the massage for entire back.

 2310 massage chair remote

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The iJoy massage chair is 250lb lighter than other chair. Its weight  is just 55lb. you can easily move this massage chair any where in the house.


  • Light weight
  • Less cost
  • 4 massage technique available
  • Convenient controller
  • Removable softening pad


  • No leg ,arms massage function
  • Limited features
  • No automatic intensity adjustment
  • No cup holder





iJoy Massage Chair Review | iJoy 2580 & iJoy 2310 Massage Chair
  • Zero Gravity
  • Airbags
  • Intensity Setting
  • Massage Style
  • Design

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