Human Touch-7450 Massage Chair Review


 Stress is now the most common word and a thing in each and every person life. Problems, Stress is now the part of life. Everyone has to deal with it. Massage Chair is the one thing which can help you to deal with it. One of the perfect massage chair is Human Touch -7450. Human Touch -7450 massage chair is the best massage chair in terms of design, performance, features, quality, technology.

Human-Touch-HT-7450-zero-gravity-massage chair

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Zero Gravity

This massage chair include the latest in back care technique to give the best massage to its user. Human Touch -7450 is famous for its unique reclining capability, which help you to fix your knees above your heart smoothly and after that it slowly lead to a relaxation and decompression of the spine. This massage chair has the most advanced robotic system with-in it. Moreover it has the function that allow the chair to slant downward separately from the back rest through which you can take the more comfortable and relaxed position. Human Touch -7450 massage chair is the best massage chair from the customer point of view as it allow to customize the zero gravity massage according to the need and comfort of its user. This massage chair has the functionality  of reclining at several angles.

Massage Movement

    Human Touch -7450 massage chair is considered as the best massage chair because it gives you a feeling, pleasure of a real massage. The most exciting feature in these massage chair is its zero armrest. This is the unique feature in the Human Touch -7450 massage chair as it guarantee you that it will remove all pressure and strain from the neck and shoulders at the end as the armrest of these chair maintain a excellent ratio between arms and body. Kneading, rolling, compression, percussion, flapping, and chopping feature are also present.

Lumbar Heating Mode

    The Human Touch-7450 massage chair has a dual Lumbar Heating Mode. With a single press you can take a soothing, healing massage experience as using the function you can directly apply heat to your lower back. This massage chair also contain an integrated acupoint detection system which detect the necessary pressure point of the entire back.

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 8 Pre-Set Program

Human Touch -7450 provide many function which are easy to select and last for 15 min each. The customer can choose any of the function/program  according to its need and choice . The programs are

  • Leg therapy
  • Full body massage
  • Stretch
  • Neck and Shoulder massage
  • Program that focus on hips and feet massage
  • Back therapy

Different Modes  

   At different time of a day you expect different massage ,in the morning you feel lazy so your expectation is of the massage that energize your body. And after a lot of hard work you expect a relaxing massage that actually make your night a Good Night.

Human-Touch-HT-7450 massage chair


 The Human Touch -7450 is a professional massage chair with a stylish look. This chair is not so big as compared to other massage chair. It has a good quality leather as well as it has a massaging air cushion. This massage chair has a memory foam seat cushion which is styled by NASA grade foam. Moreover it has built in voice -activated response system. Human Touch -7450 has a 5 year warranty and is available in black and brown color.

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massage-chair-human-touch-ht-7450-zero-gravity-black design


  • Zero gravity positioning system
  • Voice response system
  • Quality product
  • 8 point pulsating massage system
  • Acu-point detection system
  • Adjustable width ,foot ,calf massager


  • It is expensive massage chair


Human Touch-7450 Massage Chair Review
  • Zero Gravity
  • Airbags
  • Intensity Setting
  • Massage Style
  • Design

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