Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Back Pain

Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Back Pain

Now a days the most common problem, from which every men, women as well as children are suffering is back pain. There are so many factor that could cause a back pain such as carrying or lifting heavy load,poor posture, Internal injuries, muscle tension and many more. It is very important that the people should take care of back pain as soon as possible otherwise it may lead to the issue of severe pain. There are so many people who cannot afford going to spa for massage, or purchasing massage chair, cushion and any massager. so for them there are some home remedies available.



If the work load is more and you do not get time for work-out so at least you should to some stretching for 5 to 10 minutes. Stretching will help you to reduce your body pain little -bit  and carry your work.

Massage with olive oil

If you take a massage from Olive oil at regular interval it will help you to get rid from back pain. Olive oil is very beneficial as it help to reduce many diseases such as Alzheimer’s, it prevent skin cancer, it also prevent depression, reduce tension and many more.

Olive Oil Massage


Yoga, helped many people to recover from various diseases and pain. There are so many yoga posses which help in reducing the back pain such as Downward-Facing Dog, Child’s Pose, Pigeon Pose, Triangle Pose.

Apply ice and heat

Apply an ice bag to the affected area for at least 15 minutes. Repeat it several times a day and after 40 to 48 hours from that switch to a heat method, for that method you can dip a cotton cloth in hot water, wring it and apply the cloth to the affected area. Repeat these method several time.

ice bag

Perfect your posture

To avoid back pain you should avoid bad Posture. While sitting or standing for long time you must be careful about your body posture. You should not keep your body bent for long time and sit properly on the chair and not on the edges of chair.


Drink lemon juice

Drink the lemon juice twice or thrice a day. This is one of the simple and effective home remedy to get rid from back pain. As lemon juice contain vitamin C.

lemon juice theraphy

Music therapy

Just listen to a silent music and relax. Music has a lot of strength which will help you to recover from stress and calm your mind. This remedy is one of the cost effective home remedy.

music theraphy

Proper breathing

It is said by many doctor that proper breathing technique improve overall health. Following are benefits of proper breathing.

  • Increase blood oxygen level.
  • Improves circulation.
  • Reduce health risk.
  • Reduce stress.

proper breathing


Daily workout is very necessary to be fit and fine. Regular exercise keeps you away from mental stress and increase your physical strength. Exercise also increases concentration level and boost up the body and mind to deal with the problems.



End of the day there is always some rest which your body needs.If no sufficient rest is done,there starts the root cause of body pain.To ensure proper rest and keep yourself fit we suggest you can always get following massages:

  1. Full Body Massage
  2. Head Massage
  3. Shoulder and Neck Massage
  4. Foot Massage

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