Fujita-KN9300-massage-chair functions


Fujita KN9003 massage chair comes from well-known brand Fujita. Fujita is famous for its quality product and innovations. This is one of the best massage chair with unique features and advanced technology which customized the massage experience with in a reasonable cost.

Fujita KN9003 massage chair

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Foot Rollers

Fujita KN9003 massage chair offers a foot rollers which soothes sore and tired feet and result into improve blood circulation as well as make you ready for foot work with a lot of positive energy.

Body Stretching

Shoulders, Back, Spine are the parts which are often under stress, so to release a tension through vertebrae Fujita KN9003 massage chair include a body stretching feature in its massage routine therapy.

Male and Female Program Selection

Fujita KN9003 massage chair offers 8 differentautomatic and unique feature of program selection. Male require a stronger massage while a female require a little softer massage so this massage chair allows you to choose your massage program according to your need.

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Infrared Body Scan Technology

Fujita KN9003 massage chair comes with infrared body scan technology feature which scan the body size, length of spine and focus on the needed points to meet the user’s needs.

Full Body Heat

Heat therapy is very useful for people who are suffering from joint pain, muscle pain as when heat is applied to the muscle during massage it result in improve blood circulation, relief from pain, increases the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the muscle and help in healing the damaged tissue.

Head Massaging

Fujita KN9003 massage chair include a head massaging band of airbag which give you a pleasure of real human touch head massage.

 Auto Massage Program

Fujita KN9003 massage chair comes with 6 pre-programmed massage program including revolutionary “night time”, “weightless”, “stretching”, and “pelvis swing”.

Acupoint Technology

Acupoint technology is use to address blockages which result in additional health problems. You have approximately 350 Acupoints in your body from which 100 in your neck and back. Fujita KN9003 comes with a different technology such as shiatsu massage, Swedish massage and many more massage technology to address all Acupoints.

Pelvis and Waist Swaying

This mode is specially designed for gently stretching and flex the muscles around pelvis and to get a relief from tiredness and shape waistline Fujita KN9003 massage chair comes with 2 air bags that support the whole waist.

fujita-KN9003-massage-chair feature

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Fujita KN9003 massage chair is a full featured massage chair with a full control of all functions at your finger tip.This massage chair comes with 4 color options such as French grey, Dark grey, Latte, black.

Fujita-KN9300-massage-chair functions


  • Body Stretching
  • Foot Roller Massage Feature
  • Male and Female Program Selection
  • Muscle Heating Function
  • Acupoint Technology
  • Pelvis and Waist Swaying


  • It is Heavy in Weight


Fujita KN9003 Massage Chair Review
  • Zero Gravity
  • Airbags
  • Intensity Setting
  • Massage Style
  • Design

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