EC-69 Massage Chair Review


Now a days, many massage chair are available in the market. It is very difficult to choose the best massage chair from them. As these massage chair comes with so many different features, function, advanced technology and many more. But if you don’t want to buy a expensive massage chair with the extra features and you just need a simple, solid, basic massage chair with a satisfying but attractive features then EC-69 is the perfect massage chair for you.

Ec-69 massage chair

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Massage Technique

EC-69 massage chair comes with 6 advanced  technique for best massage therapy such as Rolling, Kneading, Compression, percussion, tapping and flapping.

Rolling – This massage technique is mainly used to release the muscle tension, to loosen the skin, increase flexibility. The EC-69 massage chair comes with built in power rollers which moves up and down and gives you a great massage.

Kneading – This massage technique is very beneficial for the people who are stressed and tried from their workout as Kneading is a circular technique where tissues are lifted, rolled and squeezed in a compressive action.

Percussion – This massage technique is carried out to relax tense muscles by giving maximum comfort to neck, back and shoulders.

Compression – If you are suffering from poor leg posture then this technique is very beneficial as it help to improve it and help you to get relief.

Tapping and flapping action –The Tapping action helps to reduce the soreness and relax the muscles. Flapping action stimulates nerves and moreover it also soften thick layer of fatty deposit.

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Multiple Option

In EC-69 massage chair multiple setting option is available. You can use which massage therapy you want such as a full body massage therapy or a specific part massage therapy.

EC-69 massage chair design


EC-69 massage chair is made up of a soft fabricate as well as it has a remote control facility. The designing of EC-69 massage chair was done with the aim to satisfy customer. Moreover you can also covert the chair into the reclining bed to get the more comfortable massage. This massage chair is available in three colors black, brown, burgundy.

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remote-control-for-ec-69 massage chair


  • Less costly as compared to other massage chair
  • Good quality
  • Soft Fabricate
  • Reclining feature


  • The massage chair is heavy
  • It doesnot have a foot massager
  • Less advanced function


EC-69 Massage Chair Review
  • Zero Gravity
  • Airbags
  • Intensity Setting
  • Massage Style
  • Design