Cozzia EC363E Massage Chair Review


The Cozzia EC363E massage chair is a new and modern massage chair, as it includes many advanced features. As high budget massage chair, the massage chair also offer a full body massage and a heat therapy for lower back. The Cozzia EC363E massage chair model is the unique model as it comes with a innovative  design and features.


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Body Scan and Zero Gravity

The Cozzia EC363E massage chair also include the body scan technology which scan the body of the user and adjust the chair according  to user height, size and shape to customize the massage experience of the user. Besides this the massage chair comes with a 2 zero gravity position feature. With a single press your massage chair will recline with your knees elevated above the heart. The position at this angle is considered as the best massage position. At this position you will be in complete relax and stress free mood from head to toe and S Shaped Backrest Rail provide more comfort to its user and highly customized the massage experience.

Cozzia EC363E massage chair

Massage Techniques

Cozzia EC363E massage chair offers 6 different massage technique such as tapping, Kneading, clapping, rolling,  shiatsu massage and Swedish massage. Moreover it comes with the partial and spot massage feature through which you are able to target the specific area of pain and also it offer you to adjust the intensity of these pre-programmed session massage technique.

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Vibration and Heat Therapy

Cozzia EC363E massage chair comes with a vibration feature. Vibration therapy relaxes your muscle by gently vibrating it. Heat therapy is very much beneficial for the people who are suffering from injuries, joint pain, factures etc. Additionally it has lumbar heating feature which deeply relax your muscle and remove your muscle pain instantly.

Pre-Programmed Function

Cozzia EC363E  massage chair comes with 6 pre-programmed massage function such as Healthcare, Relax, Therapy, Stretching, Circulation and Demo. You can customize the massage intensity, speed and strength according to your need and choice.

Wireless Remote

Functions such as automatic timer, adjustable ottoman and various massage technique option are easily controlled using wireless remote. It is very easy to control the features and modes of massage chair.

Cozzia EC 363E massage chair

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  • 6 pre –programmed Automatic Function
  • Heat and Vibration Feature
  • 2 Zero Gravity positioning Feature
  • 5 option for Intensity Setting
  • S Shaped Backrest Rail
  • Simply start or stop Function


  • Heavy in weight
  • Head massage is missing
  • Music therapy is absent
  • Arms massage is left out


Cozzia EC363E Massage Chair Review
  • Zero Gravity
  • Airbags
  • Intensity Setting
  • Massage Style
  • Design

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