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wobble chair

The wobble chair is a gently rounded comfortable base that allows you to move and flex without leaving your seat. It is a simple seat design to allow movement when sitting. It allows movement in 360 degrees. The wobble seat works nicely as a seating alternative in the classroom and is easier to manage than a therapy ball or seat cushion. It provides both stability and flexibility and allows a wide range of movement at the large desk or work areas.

The concept of a wobble chair is gaining recognition, particularly among people whose work involves prolonged sitting. The wobble chair was designed to create proper mobility in the lumbar, sacral, and pelvic region. This active seating provides slight movements and adjustments for the users while they sit which is helpful for reducing fatigue, decreased muscle tone, back, and hip soreness. The pivot point in the wobble chair aligns with the center of the spine for producing loading and unloading cycles. This motion is absolutely necessary to bring nutrients to the disc and warms up the spine for changing the viscosity of the nucleus in the spinal disc.

Advantages of using wobble chair

1) Increases Blood Circulation
The ergonomic design allows you to sit on the saddle like seat which provides 35 – 40 degree lateral (side to side) and front to back flexing. The wobble chair provides us a complete range of motion especially for the low back region and reduces the resistance of blood flow to the legs.

2) Heals Injuries
This type of chair causes compact loading of the front, back, or sides of the discs, ligaments and joints, then it slowly allows the fluid to be pumped through the very minute haversian canals into the discs and out through the vertebral bodies above and below for healing the injuries.

3) Increases Immunity
The pumping action stimulates the body to make new collagen fibers and replaces the old, injured, non-functional and painful collagens. The loading and unloading action is necessary for generating the white tissues which is helpful for increasing the immunity power of the body.

4) Provides Good Sleep
The wobble chair increases the pressure and the flow of neural structure fluids which is helpful for improving the brain and neural functions, thereby reduces your stress or any other mental illness. Using wobble chair for 7 to 15 minutes provides more restful sleep.

5) Increases Concentration
The little kids usually wiggle around, it is important for the development of central nerve system, brain and their body, some children with a sensory processing disorder or Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) needs more movements than others. If the children with the learning disabilities use the wobble chair, then it will improve their concentration and memory power.

So, lets see the best wobble chairs available in the market.

Top 5 Wobble Chairs

1. Kore Patented WOBBLE 14 Inch Chair

The KORE chair is not just a piece of furniture. It’s a life-changer for active kids, kids with ADHD and autistic kids. Kore’s creative wobble stool design gently rolls with your child’s natural movements. So, they will feel comfortable while wiggle around on their stool. Kore chairs meet or exceed all child safety requirements. This chair transforms the conventional chair to a fun, colorful seat. The kore wobble chair encourages active sitting and allows one’s knees, hips and back to find comfortable and ever-changing positions. This chair is a perfect design for special needs, such as students with ADD, ADHD, and autism. The wobbling on a kore chair increases blood flow to the brain and thereby quiets the requirement for restless kids to move. Kids learn better and more productive. The chair is about 14’’ in height and suitable for all kids age group.

The kore wobble chair has proven to increase secondary focus in the classroom. It’s anti-roll safety ring on base prevents tip-overs and falls. It exercises the legs, back, and abdominal muscles and provides an outlet for restlessness and extra energy. It can hold upto 250 pounds of weight. It helps to think better which promotes better learning and attention to details. The patented textured design on seat and base prevent one from slipping. The gentle-rounded, stable base moves with child and rests naturally upright. The chair is not made up of rubberized bottoms as it holds dirt that causes scratches and scuffles to school floors. The chair is easy to assemble or disassemble and also saves storage space when not in use. The chair is manufactured in USA and provides a lifetime warranty.

Kore Patented WOBBLE 14 Inch Chair

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1.Provides an outlet for restlessness and extra energy.
2. Fun – homework, drawing, eating and playing video/board games are no longer sedentary activities.
3. Available in multiple colors.
4. Safe – can’t tip over.
5. 250 pounds weight limit.
6. Great addition to a classroom.
7. Ideal for children with ADD or ADHD.
8. Manufactured in the U.S.A.

2. Wobble Stool Sitting Balance Chair for Office Stand Up Desk

Rock, swivel, move & burn calories while sitting!!! The Wobble Stool is the perfect chair for active sitting! It naturally tilts and moves under your control helping you stay active and productive at the office, home, or by the bar. It creates a healthier sitting environment by moving with you throughout the day – safely rock, swivel, tilt, lean and burn calories while sitting. It is constructed of 13”+ diameter round leather seat which offers more grip & is easy to clean. It also has 3”+ of premium molded foam cushioning waterfalls over the edge less design for enhanced sitting comfort. Due to its rounded bottom it tilts in a 360 degree fashion providing you with an effective ‘workout’.

The Wobble Stool can be used as an active desk chair and standing desk aid. It doesn’t sport the most plushy seat but is a winner among many office workers. Also, it’s plush fabric cushion is comfortable & cool and it’s unique design facilitates controlled movement. You can also adjust the height to use it as a support if you use a standing desk up to 23 to 33 inches. The chair has rubber bottom which prevents one from slipping. It has stable base which safely moves with you & rests naturally upright so you can sit normally without rocking or balancing. It moves front to back and side to side in a range of motion. The chair base is self stabilizing I.e. the weighted base part returns upright after its use. The assembly of the chair has been simplified to only 4 steps, and it requires no tools or screws, and takes about 1 minute.

Wobble Stool Sitting Balance Chair for Office Stand Up Desk

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1.Rounded Base.
2. Adjustable Height: from 23″-33″.
3. Plush padded cushion seat.
4. Versatile stool moves under your control.
5. Highest quality with precision-manufactured components.

3. Swopper Stool

It is German innovation in technology and design which incorporates motion into the act of sitting. The swopper chair allows for a range of natural and intuitive movements, including tilting, swaying and bouncing. This active sitting chair is simple and easy to use, though the same can’t be said for its assembly. Its 3D motion makes shifting from one position to another effortless and fun. This means that the swopper moves forward, backward, sideways, all the way around, as well as up and down! The swopper stool boost movement and builds strength while you sit. It helps people relieve their back and spinal problems, and overcome the challenges our bodies face with static sitting. You can also adjust the tension and movement of the spring, and change the side movement, so it can become more or less stable.

A person would no longer need to lean forward towards the table and flex their spine to work, as the swopper’s flexible center spring will bend forward, so there is no one-sided pressure on your bone discs. Depending on where you use your swopper, the active chair is available with different seat cushioning such as microfiber, premium leather, synthetic leather and a special hi-tech cover for use in the cosmetics and medical sectors. The maximum weight capacity the stool can handle is 290lbs. The constant movement provided by the swopper makes it the best office chair for posture and overall well being. Sitting and bouncing on the swopper chair strengthens your back and works your abdominal muscles while also helping to improve respiration. The chair comes in 3 parts and is easy to assemble without any tools. Also, it offers a five year warranty to the initial purchaser.Swopper Stool

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  1. Adjusts to user’s height, weight, or work surface.
  2. Dynamic optional back support made of black polypropylene mesh.
  3. Active movement helps burn calories and tone core, abdominal, and back muscles.
  4. Helps stabilize the spine and reduce back pain.
  5. Increases circulation and enhances alertness.
  6. Soft, continuous bouncing supplies the spine with vital nutrients while strengthening your core and back.
  7. Creates a fun way to sit, keeping the mind alert and focused.

4. Kore Wobble Office Chair


This model of kore wobble chairs is great for the office use. It’s rounded ergonomic base allows you to move and flex without leaving your seat and it does not go flat like an exercise ball. It keeps your body and core active and healthy at work. It lets you exercises your legs, back, and abdominal muscles while you actively sit on it. It acts as soothing agent by relieving the soreness and stiffness and also allows mobility while you sit. The height of the seat is highly adjustable from 22″ to 31″ making it a great addition to a standing desk. It was a great gift for your office because it will improves productivity, decreases back pain, and helping you stay focused for longer periods of time.

The seat is mostly in the form of padded foam in either black vinyl, leather or fabric. It’s rubberized coating is non-skid, non-scratch & grips most surfaces. The wobble is just enough to keep you engaging your core muscles. The base is stable and moves along with you and rests naturally upright so you can sit normally without rocking or balancing. If you spend much time sitting at your desks this kore wobble chair is very useful to you for the movements. The maximum weight capacity of this chair is 350lbs. When you want to sit or your leg get tired you have to utilize your kore and the back stabilizer muscles to keep your balance. If you have this kore wobble chair you will surely love the quality of the seat. It has only one disadvantage as it comes with much smaller seat which is quiet uncomfortable.

Kore Wobble Office Chair

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  1. Innovative, ergonomic rocking motion.
  2. Exercises your Core, Legs, and Back muscles.
  3. Counter-balanced stable base.
  4. Prevents and relieves soreness associated with sitting.
  5. Padded Foam Seat in either black vinyl, leather or fabric.

5. Hokki Stool – 20″

The HOKKI is an ergonomic, custom-sized stool with a convex base, that transforms stationary sitting into an activity. It allows rocking, twisting and turning while sitting. It is ideal for brainstorming sessions and other active sitting environments. The muscles supporting the lumbar spine are passively exercised and strengthened. It helps to relax the person as muscles of the abdominal core are passively tightened and more oxygen flows through the body and the brain. The convex base allows for movement in all directions so that children and adults can enjoy sitting on it. The controlled free movement stimulates the entire body in different ways. This kind of activity liberates and increases the sense of well-being. This chair is a wonderful product for students who need movement to concentrate. It helps to develop physical movement which both increases well-being and encourages the physical and intellectual maturing process.

The chair is made up from scratch resistant recycled polypropylene. The polypropylene body is highly stable and at the same time extremely light. It’s 100% recyclable UV stable materials give the Hokki an incredible lifespan i.e. it is highly durable. The base is screw-fitted to the polypropylene body. It’s soft seat padding prevents slipping during dynamic movement. The foam sitting surface ensures increased safety for children while seated. This stool is absolutely fantastic for people who need to sit for long periods or has back problems. The movement of this stool is also helpful for keeping your back happy. You will experience comfort in your back with this stool as the sit bones are constantly given input to sit yourself straight. The maximum weight limit is 242 lbs. The stool is easy to transport and can be stacked with others to save space. The chair is available in multiple colors.

Hokki Stool - 20

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  1. Made from scratch resistant recycled polypropylene.
  2. Soft base padding to prevent slipping.
  3. Comfortable and sturdy.
  4. Lightweight and portable.
  5. The convex shape of the base helps to achieves its Ero-Dynamic movement.
  6. Wide range of colors to choose from.

Bottom Line

Hope you got a clear idea about the benefits of wobble chair. Anyone can use this kind of chair to stay active and you can use it in any places like classroom, office or home. Be careful in choosing the right wobble sitting chair. They come in a wide-range of price points. But to get the best deal, look for a chair that’s within your budget and at the same time offers the trimmings you’re looking for in a wobble chair. There are a lot of available choices of active sitting chairs in the market today. Understanding your personal comfort and matching them to the chair’s product features will help you enjoy sitting on it.

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  • Kore Wobble Office Chair
  • Hokki Stool - 20"


Here we have provided best quality of wobble chairs especially designed for office in reasonable budget.Select any one of these product and buy it as per your choice.

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