Top 5 Best Tactical Pants – Do Not Buy Before Reading

Tactical Pants

Tactical Pants are just similar to cargo pants, but with little alteration and they are designed for everyday use. They are worn by the people from professions such as FBI agents, fire professionals and , law enforcement officers, also by military and EMTs, SWAT Team agents.

Mountain climbers were the first one ton wear these pants. But nowadays they are made in various different fashion. They are typically in solid colors, which differentiates them from cargo pants. They are made with lightweight materials, and the the loops are made thick to help support to carry handcuffs, sidearm and other sort of accessories. External pockets for knife are very common. The scratch protection provided by the double strengthened seat and knees. There is another alternative just like most comfortable work trousers that can be best choice for plumber as well as construction worker.

Guide to choose best tactical pants

First of all set a budget and fix to it. Also, keep in mind that if your budget is low then you will have to buy a pant with limited features. Apparently you should shop for things which are in your budget.

This is the most important thing the comfort your pants should be comfortable wherever you wear them. Before buying your pants try them and run, crawl and jump in them. That will make sure they are comfortable.

All types of material have their own gain and loss. Make sure that your pants allow fresh air inside. Do not buy pants with polyester and choose the best which suits you and according to your surroundings.

Where you should use tactical pants?

Many people think that these pants are only use for shooting purpose but they can be worn at many places.
These pants are a great option for fishing. They will allow great flow of air inside your pants. Also, there are many pockets in these pants, so it will be really easy for you to keep your tools in them.

Tactical Premises
These are important scenarios where these pants are to be worn. As they have pockets, it lets you store many things at a time. These pockets are purposefully designed to keep knives and other accessories which can be reached easily.

Paintball Matches
These pants come in various colors and patterns. So, it is very easy to match colors with your paintball court. These pants will help you move freely and with all the flexibility. Also, help you to keep your ammunition with you.

For best hunting experience you should wear tactical pants. While hunting you have to crawl, hide, run etc so these pants are very helpful. They are also scratch free pants which does not allows it to rip easily. Also, you can keep all your accessories in the pockets available.

Household Chores
If you live in a big house then there are many chores to do which really requires a lot of walking or running. So, these pants are much comfortable and helps you do household chores efficiently. Also, these pants are stain resistant so you need not to wash them regularly.

So, lets see some of the best tactical pants available.

Top 5 Tactical Pants

1. 5.11 Tactical Stryke Pant

It is a next generation Tactical Pant. The main fabric used in this pant is Flex-Tac which is 65% polyester/35% cotton. The fabric is light and durable rip stop with mechanical stretch yarns i.e. the stretch and recovery of the fabric is achieved without the use of material for a long-lasting performance that lasts without loss of color. Flex-Tac is soil, stain and fade resistant, and comes out of the wash ready-to-wear. They offer the super range of movement which is required for active working. The treatment of Teflon fabric protects against spills, soil and stains to keep your pants looking their best.

These pants feature 12 smart pockets, which includes front pockets, double-deep strong cargo pockets large enough for your everyday tactical carry items. It also features double-thick knees with interior kneepad pockets.The waist band which is self adjusting provides comfortable and secure fit. It provides quick, easy access to low-profile cargo pockets. Extra pockets include two side accessory pockets, two secured back-flap pockets and two off-seam side pockets and front belt loops dual as badge holders. These pants are available in different colors.

5.11 Tactical Stryke Pant

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1. Heavy duty reinforced construction.
2. 5.11 Flex-Tac mechanical stretch ripstop fabric.
3. Teflon finish for stain and soil resistance.
5. 12 high-capacity pockets.
5. Low-profile cargo pockets.
6. Double thick knees

2. TRU-SPEC Tactical Pants

This pant is made using Polyester and tough cotton canvas. Their is lot of storage space, as there are 7 pockets for you to store your items. The self-adjusting waistband has knee pad which allow a proper fit. They are comfortable and provides freedom of movement. They are termed as best fitting and the most comfortable tactical pants in the market. These tactical pants are lightweight and comfortable. These pants can manage both cold and warm weather condition easily.

These pants feature a Teflon coating which not only protects from spills and stains, but also increases its resistance and durability. You can store many things in the front pockets as they are very deep. It also features double reinforced knee paneling with knee pad pockets. The elastic gathers are not visible on the outside of the waistband which has a self adjusting slider. The pant features cargo pockets which have two cartridge holder, and two accessory or knife pockets. These pockets can be expanded with hook and loop closure. The pants have a unique pocket design which looks flat from the front.

TRU-SPEC Tactical Pants

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1.Teflon-coated Rip-Stop fabric
2. Manages both hot and cold weather
3. Expandable back pockets with hook and loop closure
4. Extra deep front pockets
5. Double reinforced knee with built in knee pad pockets

3. BLACKHAWK Pursuit Tactical Pants

This pant is made up of 65% polyester and 35% cotton. They make the most durable and characteristic-jammed tactical pants in the market. The pants are constructed with Teflon shield which can handle any terrain easily. They are very comfortable to wear. The pants are processed with Teflon DWR i.e. durable water-resistant and they resist stains. The top opening pockets have divided 2″ elastic tape inside the pant which helps to keep secure any weapons or other accessories. The fabric is so good that it can hold out any work condition. The pant consist of 8 multipurpose pockets, each one having one cargo pocket which includes 3AR magazine storage rooms.

These pants are durable as their is double layer of fabric at the knees and seat area which contributes to extra comfort. The pant features zipped pockets, which are at rear hip, which lets you to keep your wallet secure. There are other zipper pockets which are large, hidden pocket behind right-hand pocket. There are pockets outside each cargo pocket, which are vertically placed and are secured with zips. The waistband which is hidden has slides which increases the waist size as the mobility increases. The badge or any clip can be attached in the double front belt loops. To insert knee pads there are strong knee patches with interior pockets.

BLACKHAWK Pursuit Tactical Pants

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  1. Strong seat and knees with openings to insert external knee pad.
  2. Expandable and hidden waistband slides to increase waist size
  3. Zippered, rear hip pockets
  4. Many pockets to keep your accessories
  5. Durable fabric
  6. Vertical, zippered storage pocket on outside of cargo pockets

4. Vertx Men’s Original Tactical Pants

These pants are made up of the fabric which is 98% cotton and 2% Lycra, that makes the pants feel very natural on the skin. The pleat angle area is also an excellent which improves the comfort level and overall usability. By combining the superior functionality of battle garment with a highly desired low-profile design, the original pants made an innovations in tactical clothes. The people who demanded superior performance in every situation, this pant was designed for them in conjunction with a top federal agency. The pant ensures a more comfortable fit by having a more flexible waistband and higher rise in the back.

The front pockets are sturdy and are made of 100% woven cotton. The rear pockets are made of credential flaps. It features zipped pocket at right side which helps to keep your valuables safe. In any position, the pleat angle offers more comfort. The pants back pocket comes along with flap which protects you from accidental loss and theft. It’s jointed knees provide a greater range of mobility during physical activity. In each cargo pocket their is a hidden pocket located. The multipurpose pleated cargo pockets, with extra interior pockets, provides maximum capacity.

Vertx Men's Original Tactical Pants

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  1. Concealed Zipper pockets
  2. Side stretched waistband
  3. Hidden pockets in each cargo pockets
  4. Pleated angles for flexibility and durability
  5. Pleated knees provide great mobility


5.11 Men’s Taclite Pro Pant is made of fully pleated angle and lightweight poly-cotton ripstop fabric which allows full range of movement. The fabric also has water-repelling Teflon finish. The fabric which is a combination of polyester (65%) and cotton (35%) makes them both very lightweight and durable. These pants are specifically designed for hard works as recreational works. These pants will look as good as new every time you use them as the Teflon treated fabric will protect you from spills, stains and keep the dirt from clinging to your pants. Even if you accidentally spill liquids or walk in a dusty environment the Teflon treated fabric wont allow your pants to look worn out.

The Teflon treatment is specially designed to repel dirt, liquids and oils. If you ever need to kneel, bend , crawl or seat comfortably, the seat and knees are double-strengthened. You don’t have to worry about the pants getting ripped of, as the sensitive areas are stitched three times stronger and so you will be able to use them for a long period. There are multiple pockets specially designed for tactical use. It features strap-and-slash locks or YKK zippers. The pockets include two cargo pockets cellphone pockets, external knife pocket, welded pockets at the right side. It also features hip mounted D-ring. The pleats are constructed for more flexibility and strength.


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  1. Lightweight, durable fabric
  2. Strap-and-slash seat pockets
  3. Triple stitching
  4. Hip mounted D-ring
  5. Teflon treated fabric
  6. YKK zippers


When choosing the Best Tactical Pants make sure it goes well with your requirements. You must consider the type of activities the pants can hold up. But, always remember to keep in mind the various elements you will confront and the protection your pants can provide. Another important factor is whether these pants provide easy access to storage space or not.

Quick Facility
  • 5.11 Tactical Stryke Pant
  • TRU-SPEC Tactical Pants
  • BLACKHAWK Pursuit Tactical Pants
  • Vertx Men's Original Tactical Pants


Here, in this website, we have compiled lots of best tactical pants are of deluxe quality in cheap price. Select the best product from this collection as per your budget.

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