Best Rifle Bench Rest – Must Read Before You Buy

Rifle Bench Rest

Every hunter wants to improve his or her shooting ability. To improve there are many accessories to help you achieve that. Things like sights, scopes, and shooting rests. You cannot afford to affect your shooting with any of the faulty equipment. So, to make sure equipments are working properly you need a shooting rest. Also, sometimes holding your rifle steadily gets a bit difficult in some situations. As even the slightest distraction would cost you to miss your target.

With a shooting rest, the gun stays in place. So all you need to do is take the shot. That’s the only thing you have to work on.

Important Features to look in a Shooting Rest

You can expect the recoil to reduce by as much as 90%, when using a well-constructed shooting rest. So if there are chances that you can minimize the impacts of recoil, then why not take them! This is one of the most crucial factors take into account when buying the best shooting rest.

You need to make sure that it is made out of quality material and with the strength to last for years of usage. The shooting rest is no different. It shouldn’t only work for a long time, but it should work excellently without quickly fading. The performance should still be as great as you first got it, as long as you do proper maintenance and care, of course. Also, the different features of the shooting rest should offer high quality. This includes the grip. The grip of a shooting rest should have a foam coating. It’s not only important but also necessary for you to clean the shooting rest. Otherwise, the shelf life of the equipment takes a knock down. Shooting rests which do not require much effort to reach surface are more convenient and quicker to clean.

Safety in shooting rests comes in the form of an excellent grip. The firm surface grip makes the whole hunting or target shooting experience safe. When the firearm stays in a fixed position on a shooting rest, it does more than just enhance accuracy. It reduces errors fundamentally despite the existence of recoil.

Ease of Use
The shooting rest should also take no time or effort setting it up or folding it back into its original state. You’ll want to make sure that your shooting rest can be brought anywhere without the heavy weight on your shoulders or arms.

Benefits of Using a Shooting Rest

Here are the benefits one can get in when using a shooting rest, whether they are hunting or training:

No Wobble
The best part of shooting rest is that there is no wobble or discomfort while you use it. There is minimal shaking and weight involved. Also, there is no recoil so I am comfortable the entire time when bench shooting.

Accuracy and Precision
When hunting in open terrain, accuracy and precision are required. You will get better precision of your target with the help of shooting rest, which you will not get in hours of practice because the weight and impact are away from your body. You have the steady hold and a better chance of a clear shot.

It provides optimum adjustability without the worry of losing your accuracy or target is the main advantage of shooting rests. You can slowly or quickly move it around with either a turn or push of a button. Plus, since it’s lightweight, you won’t feel any discomfort while adjusting.

Top 5 Rifle Bench Rest in 2021

1. Caldwell Lead Sled Plus Recoil Reducing Rifle Rest

If you want the best results, then there’s nothing better than the Caldwell Lead Sled Plus Recoil Reducing Rifle Rest. It comes with a heavy duty and middle weight construction that is simpler to use. The device has a dual-frame structure, which just makes it even better. This particular Dual-Frame Technology offers recoil. The DFT is also responsible for making the shooting rest versatile enough to fit all kinds of rifles and shotguns. This model comes with a pre-filled weight bag, and the weight tray can take a wide range of objects to help keep everything in place.

The shooting rest has detailed windage and elevation adjustment with just the tip of your fingers. It has better weight dispersion and is still easy to carry around when in the field, as it weighs 24 pounds. The rest’s dual frame alignment system can slide forward or backward as much as 22 inches. Its rubber tipped feet offer no-slip support on any surface. This type of model has two upper frame tubes placed side by side, rather than having only a single tube. The longitudinal front dual members make the whole rest stiffer and much less flexible. It can accommodate several weight types, including barbells, sand, and lead shot bags. It measures 27 inches long and 12 inches wide, weighs roughly 15 pounds.

Caldwell Lead Sled Plus Recoil Reducing Rifle Rest

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Frame material: Steel
Weight capacity: Up to 100 pounds
Length: 27 inches
Width: 12 inches
Weight: Approximately 15 pounds


Heavy-duty steel construction.
Weight plate can take a variety of materials, such as bags or weight plates.
The adjustable slide can fit most rifles and shotguns.
Elevation control is precise and doesn’t have any wobble.

2. MTM K-Zone Shooting Rest

If you want something which is lightweight and super versatile, then this shooting rest is perfect for you. The MTM K-Zone is fully adjustable, allowing you to fire rifles, handguns, shotguns, crossbows, and assault rifles with ease. The elevation control of the unit comes with maximum muzzle adjustability. The manufacturer has created an adjustable slide too for good compatibility. You can enjoy extra stability as the rubber feet of the shooting rest have a padded quality. It has a precision dialed screw pedestals to position your weapon exactly where it should be for precision and accuracy.

To avoid scratches and damage to the shooting pads, they are made out of non-marring rubber and it also helps to rest. It can also be adjusted for various-sized weapons and offer heavy weight performance. The rest has compartments so you can add weight with sand bags if necessary or desired and weighs 4 pounds. Overall length of rest can be adjusted up to 7.5 inches to fit your gun perfectly. Another great advantage is, it can be used as a front rifle rest or handgun rest by removing the rear pad section. The handgun rest pad storage box has 4 positions and can be easily removed. Four smooth rubber feet provide a wide slip-free stance on any shooting bench.

MTM K-Zone Shooting Rest

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Length: Adjustable to 7.5 inches
Material: Plastic
Weight: 4 pounds


Fully adjustable shooting rest.
Handgun pad can be adjusted for different sized pistols.
Weighs only 4 pounds.
Front and rear shooting pads are made of non-marring rubber.
Overall length of rest can be adjusted up to 7.5 inches to fit your gun perfectly.
For exact positioning of forearm, precision-dialed screw pedestal is used.

3. Primos Group Therapy Bench Anchor

Primos Group Therapy Bench Anchor is everything you need, if you are looking for a quality and affordable shooting rest. This bench rest is versatile and has a solid construction. This bench rest has a steel construction which provides durability and stability for a long period. This bench rest is for both left as well as right hand shooters. For comfortable adjustment of elevation and coarse it has soft touch grip both at front and back. It has studded feet which keeps the shooting bench in place while firing. This adjustable shooting rifle rest keeps your rifle locked on target.

Its system eliminates recoil, which means a more consistent shooting outcome. It’s the unit’s butt guard is responsible for reducing the impacts of recoil that hit you after you fire the weapon. A little disadvantage of this product is that it is too heavy. So, it will be very difficult to carry. There are two trays on either side which includes shooting bag and accessory tray to store gear or weight bags.

Primos Group Therapy Bench Anchor

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Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 12 inches
Weight: 20.4 pounds
Material: Steel construction
Length: 28 to 30 inches


Accessory tray for gear or weight bags.
Butt plate guard cancels recoil.
Coarse and fine elevation adjustments in both the front and back.
Built for both left- and right-handed shooters.
Rugged, studded feet easily hold the bench in place.

4. P3 Ultimate Shooting Rest

This shooting rest can adapt both rifles and pistols i.e. it is versatile. The shooting rest is constructed of heavy-duty steel with durable E-coat finish inside and out. This shooting rest comes with a broad surface area and rubber components. These two unique features combine to reduce maximum recoil and offer excellent gun support. The rubber is thick enough to absorb all impact.  The smooth surface and edges of the unit are easy to clean.  It comes with a tight and well-constructed Y rest along with a fitting holder. The rest attachment feature gives you the opportunity to convert the gun vise into shooting rest. According to pistols and rifles you can adjust the shooting rest as you like.

Also, the feet levers are long enough to keep the gun stable even on uneven ground. The three feet allow for easy leveling using its broad flower-petal shaped dials. It’s both front and end y-yokes are foam covered with marine carpet and made of sturdy metal. From rifles to shotguns to pistols for every firearm, the sturdy steel-framed rest is adjustable for length and compatibility. There is also a 3-point leveling system designed into it to improve shooting consistency too. This shooting rest weighs just over 7 pounds. Assembly on the P3 Ultimate Gun Rest takes not more than 5 minutes i.e. easy to assemble.

P3 Ultimate Shooting Rest

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Width:18″ wide
Length:25″ long
Weight: 7 lbs 12 oz
Material: Steel construction


Adjustable slide allows for both rifles and pistols.
Sturdy steel construction.
All feet are adjustable for elevation.
Quick and easy to build and take down.

5. Caldwell Dead Shot Field Pod

This is the most highly rated product by the users. To increase rigidity and stability, the DeadShot FieldPod uses an innovative dual-tube frame and central hub design. It can accommodate most of the shotguns and rifles using its split-tube design with a detachable magazine like the AR platform. The tripod is provided with exceptional strength by its telescopic frame tubes and adjustable support arms which are made from lightweight aluminum alloy tubing all less than 5 pounds. A perfect balance and fit for any of your firearm or crossbow is ensured using the pivot point and platform length which are fully adjustable. Synthetic nylon polymer- a very durable material is used in construction of all Caldwell DeadShot knobs, slide locks, and plastic brackets.

The synthetic nylon polymer provides excellent rigidity and strength without compromising the weight of the equipment. Because of the U-shaped support of the firearm it is easy to fit the conventional firearms. A solid, slip-resistant platform for your crossbow or firearm is guaranteed as it uses synthetic nylon rubber material, that will not spoil the finish. The DeadShot Fieldpod height can be adjusted from 20″ to 42’’ which is perfect for shooting while sitting on the ground or in a chair. The feets have an excellent grip as its feet are made with thermoplastic rubber, in the most different types of soil. Assembling and dissembling the DeadShot Fieldpod can be done in seconds. You can carry it as a backpack with the provided black nylon carrying strap or simply carried in hand, after dissembling it.

Caldwell Dead Shot Field Pod

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Material: Lightweight aluminum
Height: 20 to 42 inches
Weight: Less than 6 pounds


Fully adjustable tripod allows you to shoot in any position
Lightweight yet durable aluminum frame
Collapses easily to make this unit much more portable than other rests
Can be used with a rifle or crossbow
Spikes on the feet will dig into the ground for a sturdier position


I hope that this article was useful for you and provides you with all the necessary information about the best shooting. You should remember that a good rest is a necessity for a shooter. A rest helps precise aiming, reduces the negative effects of the recoil for a shooter and a gun, and is just the best tool for target practice. With a good rest, you can always choose the right position and easily adjust it to your needs. And it will increase the quality of target achievement.

Now that you understand the basics of choosing the best gun rest and already know the best options on the market, it’s up to you to evaluate your needs, set your budget, and choose the best shooting rest for the money.

Quick Review
  • Caldwell Lead Sled Plus Recoil Reducing Rifle Rest
  • MTM K-Zone Shooting Rest
  • Primos Group Therapy Bench Anchor
  • P3 Ultimate Shooting Rest
  • Caldwell Dead Shot Field Pod


We have provided the best rifle bench rest in this article. This rifle bench rest are the standard, deluxe quality and available in reasonable price.So,purchase any one of these as per your financial budget.