Best Red Dot Magnifier 2021 – Target Better With This Product

Adding magnification to the shooters sight by providing versatility of more accurate long range shooting is the benefit or you can say the job of red dot magnifier. Red magnifiers perform the same as iron sights do but they are a non-magnifying reflector and do provide with the aimpoint as a red dot to the shooter. This red light is at the focus of optics through a light-emitting diode (LED). This red dot stays in alignment to the firearm, irrespective of the eye position because it is nearly parallax free. They are widely used as gun sights for target shooting, hunting, and in military and police applications.

This means that red dot sights does not only provide magnification to the shooter, but helps shooter to distinguish red dots easily. Therefore, red dot magnifiers have become one of the most wanted after additional equipment for your firearm.

Things to consider before buying a red dot magnification

Eye Relief

One of the most important things to consider is this. If the eye-relief distance is too short, then you will have eye strain and issues trying to aim at targets. Red dot magnifier with build quality and optics clarity you can have the best quality magnifier. But if the eye relief is too short for you, you will be just struggling all the time. Add on to that, if you have an extended stock then you will have even more issues trying to just see out of the magnifier. So the advice is that to try to get the longest eye relief distance magnifier.


Many of the red dot magnifiers offer 3X zoom, which will work fine for most long range purposes. But acquiring a 5X or 6X will apparently make the targets larger, and so you can aim more easily. Also, with this you have to consider that the red dot reticle will be stretched as well.


The red dot magnifier is very heavy to carry with you. If you choose a lighter one then it will help you lessen the load a bit. So, that you can handle you rifle easily. Important thing is a lighter is always better, but not with light weight and having inferior build quality.

Magnifier + Red Dot vs Scope

When you buy the red dot magnifier you also get 1x along with zoom when you flip out the magnifier. You usually get 1.25x or 1.5x as the lowest default zoom value as an extent. This makes the red dot magnifier combo a more versatile option. The other thing to consider is the number of dots on your red dot sight. If you have 2 to 3 dots that will make it easier to shoot longer ranges.


Important weapons system is generally not exposed to perfect climatic conditions but have a few precise gunning practices. The magnifier also performs the same like any other part of these weapons Magnifiers must feature a compact design for being capable of fitting into the rail framework at a perfect position behind the red dot sight when keeping the right place for comfortable gunning position.

How to Use A Red Dot Magnifier

After you know what features to consider for picking the best red dot magnifier, you must know the proper way of using it. This product can be really costly, so ensure to utilize it in a proper way.

At the time of utilizing a reflex sight, you must keep in mind that it’s an efficient but easy targeting gadget. If your prey is marked by the red dot scope, it is guaranteed that you will hit it perfectly. You don’t require to modify your views.

In order to shoot your prey, modify your rifle to the shooting position. When the red dot becomes visible on the scope, target it at your prey. Engage your target by switching the safety off. At the time of the complete procedure, you must stay your both eyes open and should not keep the focus away from the aim.

Never forget to modify the reticle brightness to the greater level in a well-lit surrounding. This will enable you to aim your prey better. You can adjust the brightness to the lower level in poorly-lit areas.

Targeting the red dot sight to a particular prey is nearly similar to adjusting the regular gun scope. The single difference is that you require modifying the iron sights if required.

Best 5 Red Dot Magnifier

1. Vorex VMX-3T Magnifier

This product is designed for framing the best possible way, this magnifier comes with completely multi-coated optics. The multi-coated optics is used for optimal light transmission, for adjusting 1 to 3 power magnification, fog proof nitrogen gas purged body, and a waterproofing O ring to keep out water and dust. This magnifier comes with a flip mount and is extremely easy to use and install onto your firearm. It also provides a field view of about 38.2 feet at 100 yards. The tube size is 30 mm and the length would be 4.3 inches. It weighs around 11.9 ounces.

As indicated on your red dot, the magnifier easily gets adjusted to match your field view. Without any complex operations, the red dot increases your precision even on distant targets. This Vortex magnifier is made out of hard coat anodized machined-aluminum. One of the toughest and most reliable in the industry is the construction of this machine aluminium coat. The barrels are fog proof and filled with nitrogen gas to prevent internal fogging. It has Matte black finishing with 3 1/4’’ eye relief. The magnifier comes with lifetime warranty coverage.

Vorex VMX-3T Magnifier

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Easy to use, compact design and lightweight scope
Helps you magnify your view easily, improving your accuracy.
The lenses are able to transmit light a better way.
The multi-coat feature comes with anti-reflective properties that can prevent the unwanted lens flares from ruining your view of the prey.
Made of hard-coated aluminum and anodized to make sure to handle lots of abuses.
The nitrogen purged tube ensures both fog-proof and waterproof features.


Poor eye relief

2. Aimpoint 3XMAG 3x Magnifier

Aimpoint 3XMAG provides maximum flexibilty and increased performance on the field. This product is specially designed for compatibility with Aimpoint sights. The 3XMag is a radical tool for hunters, sport shooters, law enforcement and military personnel. The device offers the ability to rapidly convert from close quarter battle to long-distance or semi-sniping modes of operation when the magnifier is combined with Aimpoint’s patented TwistMount. It can quickly change from non-magnifying to magnifying while at the same time keeping sight on your firearm. It can operate at the temperature range of -50 to 160 degrees Fahrenheit and it submersible up to 67 feet.

The 3XMag is the Aimpoint Twist Mount, which allows for quick attachment and detachment. It can also be used as handheld magnifying glass monocular as an added feature. It is suitable for discrete observation and identification. It can also be mounted with a regular 30 mm ring. The dimensions are 1.7 by 1.6 by 4.3 inches (W x H x D) and it weighs around 7.1-ounce including the rubber cover. The objective diameter is 20 millimeter. Aimpoint products include limited manufacturer’s warranties of two years for professional or competitive use, and ten years for personal or recreational use.

Aimpoint 3XMAG 3x Magnifier

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Compact design and lightweight, easy to control.
Provides wide field view.
Operates at the temperature range of -50 to 160 degrees Fahrenheit.
Quickly switch between close quarter battle and long-distance use.
Doubles as hand held magnifying glass monocular.


High price range.
Poor eye relief.

3. 30mm Tube 3x Magnifier Scope for Red Dot Reflex Sight

A great add-on to tactical red dot sights. It converts the sights instantly into a observation system for longer range targeting and sniping. It provides magnification of 3x, eye relief of 50mm (2inch) and it weights about 7.8oz. The lenses are fully coated for better performance especially under low light condition use. With the combination of magnifier scope and red dot sight, the dot reticle will be out of center on the field view of the magnifier. This is because of slight improper arrangement of optical axis between the magnifier and the sight. It has 30mm main tube of the magnifier which works with standard 30mm scope mount of wanted center height which matches with that of the red dot sight.

For better alignment with the red dot sight this Hammers magnifier scope is adjustable for windage and elevation without changing the actual ZERO of the sight. It can instantly converts a CQB red dot sight into a 3x long range sniping scope. It features rubber armored turret and grip area. The main body of the best magnifier sits right above the rear sight. If you are not using rear sights you could mount it lower with a fixed scope mount. The glass seems good, clear and bright. The overall length of the magnifier will be 4 1/2inch. The product comes along with free lens covers.

30mm Tube 3x Magnifier Scope for Red Dot Reflex Sight

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Converts a CQB red dot sight into a 3x long range sniping scope.
Adjustable windage and elevation.
The lenses are fully coated for better performance.
Works perfectly with standard 30mm scope mount.


Eye relief is extremely limited.
Doesn’t work well with varying temperatures as the lenses are easier to get condensed.

4. EOTech G33.STSTAN Magnifier

This magnifier works great with the combination with any EOTech holographic sight as it is the newest magnifier model from EOTech. It can also be paired well with a variety of other holo or reflex sights from other manufacturers. It has an incredible lenses with 3X fixed magnification setting. This magnifier come with a 7mm riser so you can adjust the height if using higher sights on your rifle and aligns well with standard height sights. With the windage and elevation adjustments, it is extremely easy to center the sight in the magnifier when mounted. It can hold for the same setting through thousands of rounds and even dismount and re-mounting, also it is also extremely easy to zero in on the range.

The eye relief makes it extremely easy to use with your tactical firearm as the field of view that you get with this magnifier is incredible. A major advantage about this magnifier is it has a large eye box which makes this one of the top magnifiers for EOTech and tactical firearms. The G33 comes with an STS mount which is easy to put on your railing. You do not have to worry about it being knocked off or damaged in the field under normal tactical conditions as it is an extremely robust.The magnifier is easy to flip back and forth from close quarters combat to long range shooting and will hold in place in whichever setting is needed. To switch to other firearms without any hassle, the quick detach lever makes it easy to quickly remove the mount.

EOTech G33.STSTAN Magnifier

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Very durable
Holds zero
Can pair with various CQB sights.
Tremendous glass.
Easy to mount
Great field view


Very expensive

5. UTG 3X Magnifier

The magnifier has a solid anodized aluminum body and is very sturdy. It features a 30% wider field of view than most magnifiers. It offers a flip-to-side mechanism which allows you to shift between 1x and 3x magnification. It can hold up in poor weather conditions without losing its function. The red dot sight is clean with no blurring, also it has great multi-coated lenses that give you a clear and crisp image of the field. The magnifier is filled with nitrogen to stay fog and moisture proof, and it is also shock proof. the field of view is 45 feet at 100 yards, and the objective lens is 25 mm.

This model offers one of the larger fields of view at 100 yards. This 3X magnifier has a a thumb lever for quick detachment and Picatinny rail mount. Windage and elevation are also easy to adjust with a simple key tool. Without any issue it lines up well with most CQB tactical sights as it has 42mm center height. This magnifier is extremely easy to zero in on your rifle. when it is centered, this magnifier is as accurate at 100-200 yard shots as any other magnifier. The lenses are multicoated to provide crystal clear 3X image. The adjustable Eyepiece helps for Easy Dioptric Correction.

UTG 3X Magnifier

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Clear Optics
Good eye relief
Reliable flip mount
Easy to install and center


Tight eye box
Center knocked off easily

Adding magnifiers is an amazing thing to every gun which have a red dot optic. This equipment offers a versatile and stable amount of magnification for numerous ranges. This excellent tool enables efficient war optic and helps a shooter become more accurate in firing. We believe that every duty gun using a red dot must be backed up with a strong magnifier as a just-in-case tool. All that is left is to choose the best red dot magnifier for your requirement. This depends on your budget and end usage.

For numerous individuals, from beginner to mid-level will work perfectly fine and will be suitable for home defense, hunting, sports firing and even maybe some law enforcement also work. The red dot magnifier combos are the most accurate solution between scopes and iron sights.

Quick Flashback
  • Vorex VMX-3T Magnifier
  • Aimpoint 3XMAG 3x Magnifier
  • 30mm Tube 3x Magnifier Scope for Red Dot Reflex Sight
  • EOTech G33.STSTAN Magnifier
  • UTG 3X Magnifier


Here, we have compiled five best red dot magnifier which are better performance products available in affordable budget.So, purchase any one of these as per your financial budget and target better with these magnifiers.

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