Best Portable Massage Chair Reviews 2021-Do Not Buy Before Reading

Because of busy scheduled, sometime it happens that the patient is not able to attend massage sessions regularly. The solution to such problem is that the massage therapists can purchase a portable massage chair. In the market there are different portable massage chair available. So it is very important to select the best portable massage chair that completely satisfy your needs. To make your work easy we are preparing a review on top 5 portable massage chair.

Top 5 Portable Massage Chair

As now in the market so many portable massage chair are available,it is actually very difficult to choose the best massage chair. so we have simplify down the list of Top 5 Portable Massage Chair with its features,high point and the brand name.

1.Master Massage Professional Portable Massage Chair

master massage professional portable massage chair

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If you are looking for a light weighted and durable massage chair then master massage professional is the best portable massage chair. It weight is just about 16.5 pounds but it can support 1200 pounds. This massage chair is made up of aluminum and the cushioned surface is covered with a small foam cell for ensuring the comfortable massage experience. Besides this you can adjust each and every surface of massage chair according to user. This portable massage chair offers 6 adjustable cradle ways for the face along with a fully cushioned bolster for sternum. Moreover this massage chair comes with a session pouch to keep jewelry and watches during the massage session, as well as this professional massage chair is easy to transport.


  • 5 pound weight
  • Small foam cell covering
  • 6 adjustable cradle
  • Fully cushioned bolster for sternum
  • Session pouch

2.Premium BestMassage Portable Massage Chair

Premium BestMassage Portable Massage Chair

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This is one of the best portable massage chair with adjustable seat. Moreover it comes with a head and hand rest portable. Premium BestMassage Portable Massage chair is made up of 100% ultra soft PU surface. This is a light weighted compact massage chair that stands at only 48 inches in height and 18 inches wide when set up. Besides this the massage chair can hold up to 700 pounds of static weight and 300 pounds of working weight. Moreover this massage chair comes with a carry bag in which you can keep the folded portable massage chair. The bag takes the precaution of the chair upholstery during transportation.


  • 100% ultra soft PU surface
  • Light weight
  • Head and Hand rest portable.
  • Comes with Carry case

3.Portable Therabuilt Massage Chair

Portable Therabuilt Massage chair

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Portable Therabuilt massage chair is light weight modern massage chair with 3.5 inches thick plush foam. It is the most stylish and luxurious high quality massage chair made up of aluminum frame which easily support up to 500 pound in weight. The overall weight of massage is just 18.5 pounds. Moreover portable therabuilt massage chair comes with carry case which makes it extremely easy to store, fold and carry. Besides this you can adjust the chair according to the user height it just take 2 or 3 minutes as the chair is fully adjustable.


  • Light weight
  • Stylish, luxurious, modern massage chair
  • Comes with Carry case
  • Easy Transportation
  • Comes with Adjusting height function

4.Earthlite Vortex Massage Chair

Earthlite Vortex Massage Chair

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Earthlite Vortex is the stylish and light weighted massage chair as its frame is made using strong oval tube construction of aluminum weighting only 15 pounds. Besides this the working weight is 300 pounds. The massage chair can be easily folded and stored. Moreover it is easy to transport as well as Natursoft upholstery is durable, soft and luxurious. The cushions are made up of vinyl with this the dual layer support system enhanced the massage experience.


  • Light weighted
  • Easy in transport
  • Durable, Soft and Luxurious
  • Dual layer Support System

5.Stronglite ErgoPro Massage Chair


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ErgoPro massage chair is the most advanced portable massage chair available in the market which comes with adjustable platform and removable face pillow. This massage chair is made up of robust semi gloss aluminum which can support up to 600 pounds of working weight and 1200 pounds of static weight. Besides this the whole equipments weight only 19 pounds, this makes it easy in storing as well as transporting. Rounded pads are used to enhance the massage experience. The massage chair comes with carry case to protect the massage chair from scrapes and for easy transportation.


  • Adjustable Platform
  • Removable face pillow
  • Rounded pad to enhanced massage experience
  • Light weighted
  • Comes with carry case
  • Easy transportation

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 How to Choose the Best Portable Massage Chair

Once you have decided to purchase a portable massage chair. There are few things which should be considered while selecting the massage chair. As there are so many portable massage chair models available in the market because of which we get confused. To avoid getting the wrong chair we should follow some tips for choosing the best product which completely satisfy our needs.

1.Set your Budget

The budget is very important factor which is to be considered. First you should decide that how much you can spare on massage chair. The expensive chair tends to have a better quality construction.


A brand is a promise. When you choose a massage chair from a recognized brand then you know what you’re going to get with the branded product and service such as quality of product, comfort level, services, warranty and etc.

3.Read Reviews

To get the idea of the different massage chair model, you can read the reviews of the users. As well as you can also read the reviews on our website and check real user feedback.

4.Size and weight of Chair

The size and weight of massage chair can differ greatly. As different construction materials are used. If you have limited space then should probably consider the smaller model and light weight model so that you can fold it easily.

Bottom Line

These are the top 5 portable massage chair. This portable massage chair is the light weighted massage chair. Besides this it comes with a carry case for easy transport of massage chair. More over you can easily fold the massage chair into the most compact space. The most important feature of portable massage chair is that it comes with less weight and small size which can be easily folded when necessary. Along with this it comes within budget.

Top 5 Portable Massage Chair
  • Master Massage Professional
  • Premium BestMassage
  • Therabuilt Apex
  • Earthlite Vortex
  • Stronglite ErgoPro

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