Best Foot Massager Reviews 2021-Do Not Buy Before Reading

Going to spa is very costly as well as regular visit is not possible for anyone in this busy world. So the best way to release stress after a long day is relaxing with a foot massager. Purchasing a foot massager will save the cost as well as time. Besides this it is very comfortable and convenient option as you can enjoy massage anytime.Read More about best foot spa machines

Top 5 Foot Massager

As now in the market so many foot massager are available,it is actually very difficult to choose the best foot massager. so we have simplify down the list of Top 5 Foot Massager with its features,high point and the brand name. You may also check out our reviews of best insole for work boots uk for extra comfort and stability

1. MediMassager MMF06

This foot massager is mainly used on a professional level. The doctors and the massage therapist used this foot massager for stimulation of circulation in feet and legs of patients. This foot massager is suggested to diabetes patient as it promotes the healthy food flow. As well as it helps in getting relief from joint pain, reduce swelling and release tension. MediMassager MMF06 is the most powerful massager as it comes with 11 motor. Additionally you can set the speed of the motor from 1,000 to 3,700 rpm. To increase the massage experience this foot massager comes with arch bar that target the pressure point. If you are searching for best foot massager then MediMassager MMF06 is the best option but it is costly as compare to other.

MediMassager MMF06 foot massager

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  • Comes with 11 motor
  • Adjusting speed function
  • Arch bar to target the pressure point

2.Kendal Massager

Kendal massager offers many functions for customizing the massage experience such as it comes with 8 massaging disc for foot area and 4 massaging disc for calf area. Additionally it comes with multiple massage technique such as shiatsu, deep kneading, rolling, vibration, heating. Moreover it comes with different intensity setting option which you can choose according to your need and wish. Along with this, you can also choose from foot or calf massage or both at a time.

Kendal foot Massager

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  • Offers different massage technique
  • 8 massage disc for foot area
  • 4 massage disc for calf area
  • Intensity Setting option
  • Comes with a remote control
  • Target the sole of the feet and calf area

3.Warming Foot Massager

This foot massager is famous because of its unique design. It looks like slipper, you just need to slide your achy feet into fleecy foot pocket made of faux fleece lining and relax with 2 level of soothing intensity vibration setting. It comes with 2 massage function such as vibration and heat. Besides this for controlling the function it offers 2 separate switches for heat and vibration. You can enjoy heat and vibration in combination or independently.

Sharper Image Foot Massager

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  • 2 massage function
  • 2 separate switches for heat and vibration
  • Choose high or low massage speed
  • Optional gentle, warming heat
  • Comfy faux fleece lining
  • Available in Dark Tan or Gray
  • Fits most foot sizes up to men’s 12 (women’s 12.5)

 4.Homedics FMS-270H

Homedics is the popular brand for producing quality product within a budget. These foot massager target the pressure points that result into soothing comfort. Homedics FMS-270H foot massager comes with 18 massage modes and 6 rotational heads that split across foot pads and double up your massage experience. Heat function plays an important role in massage therapy, this foot massager include heating mechanism which covers all the areas of the feet. Besides this it is easy in access as there is a simple on and off button used for accessing function.  Along with this it is easy to move and store the foot massager as it is only 7 pounds in weight.


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  • 6 rotational heads
  •  18 massage modes
  • Shiatsu massage style
  • Heating mechanism
  • Easy access

5.Shiatsu Kneading and Rolling AM-201

This massager comes with a 4 massaging modes that can be used in combination or independently according to the need. Shiatsu massage replicates the professional massage therapy.  Shiatsu Kneading and Rolling AM-201 massager contain in built pressure nodes that are placed under the soles which target the pressure points and release tension as well as improves blood circulation. Additionally it offers you 3 more modes using which you can target tiptoe, arch and sole of the foot. Along with this you can adjust the speed of the massage therapy. You can control the setting using remote control or touch panel.

Shiatsu Kneading and Rolling AM-201

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  • Offers 4 optional massage modes
  • 3 modes to target tiptoe, arch, sole
  • Comes with remote control
  • Target sensitive spot
  • Speed adjust function

Who Will Have Benefit from Use of the Foot Massager?

Foot massager is beneficial for each and every human being but there are few people who can have benefit it a lot.

1.Sports Person

The foot massager helps in reducing injuries as well as relief the aches and pain you get from playing sports. The massaging motion soothes the joints and muscles and helps to restore the posture.

2.Poor Blood Circulation Human Being

 Massage increases the blood flow by warming up the muscle. Foot massage will also stimulate the lymphatic system and help prevent varicose veins.

3.People Suffering From Joint Problems

Foot massager works on the internal structure which gives you energy by releasing any blockages that hold back energy and relieving symptoms of stress and fatigue and restore synovial joint fluids.

4.People Suffering From Arthritis

Massage increases the flexibility and reduces stiffness which results into improvement of all the function of body parts.

Tips for choosing the best Foot Massager

As many foot massager are available in the market. It is very difficult task to choose the best Foot massagers which satisfy your need. Here are some tips which will be helpful.

Foot Massager Types

There are different types of foot massager available. Following are the three common massage types.

Electric Foot Massager

As you place your foot on the massager and on the switch the rollers start working and target the specific area of the foot. And the oscillating mechanism stimulates the soft tissue of the entire foot simultaneously.

Manual Foot Massager

It uses a simple massage technique a roller like tube is placed under the feet and it is rolled on the floor. This massage therapy benefits by making your tissues soft as well as increase blood circulation.

Foot Spas

This massage technique benefits your muscle and joints as well as relieving chronic pain by incorporating water and heat for their therapeutic action.

Foot Massager Features

Before purchasing anything it is very important to check its specification as different product comes with different feature. Every foot massager contains some features. Sometime it may happen that you find some other beneficial feature in other model. So it is very necessary to check whether the foot massager is standing to your expectation.

1.Cushion Surface

Cushion surface gives you comfort during massage therapy it may be made by using soft foam or malleable plastic pads.

2.Heating Function

Some foot massager applies heat to the bottom of the foot while some foot massager features heat to the bottom, ankle and upper foot. Heat therapy is very beneficial as it absorb the pain instantly.


To customize the massage experience the massager comes with two or more speed adjustment feature. Additionally you should make sure that the bottom of the surface is non slippery and designed using padding.

4.Control Function

Some foot massager comes with a remote control feature. It is very convenient for the user to control the settings. There is no need to bend each time for doing setting.

Massaging Feet Benefits

A regular foot massage along with reflexology benefits by promoting health. In reflexology a pressure is applied to these reflexes on the feet which boost the health and reduce stress. Below are some benefits of feet massage.

Promote Circulation

Because of busy and lavish lifestyle we don’t care about the feet muscles and wear tight slippers and high heal which hampers the circulation of blood in feet. The feet massage clear the blockage and transport the oxygen and nutrition to body cells.


Our feet contain solar plexus that collects and store the stress. By massaging feet the stress will release and leads to deep relaxation.

Fight Depression

There are some points on the feet which help in alleviating depression symptoms. By taking foot massage you will be able to fight with the depression symptoms.

Promotes Better Sleep

The best time of taking a massage is before going to bed. The foot massage will release stress and free the muscle from pain of workload and make your night sleep peaceful.

Healthier Feet

Foot massage will make your bones strong and will also help in recovery of existing injury. A good foot massager will eliminate stress, pain and increase stiffness and flexibility.

Bottom Line

These are the top 5 foot massager. Foot massager benefits you in various ways such as relaxation, promote circulation, rejuvenation and healthier feet. We have prepared this review based on its feature, product quality, research and user rating. Hope our review helps you to get the best product that satisfies your needs.

Top 5 Foot Massager
  • MediMassager MMF06
  • Kendal Massager
  • Warming Foot Massager
  • Homedics FMS-270H
  • Shiatsu Kneading and Rolling AM-201

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